Sinn Fein accused of being ‘self-righteous’ in Mica Scandal


The Taoiseach has accused Sinn Fein of being self-righteous over the Mica Scandal.

It comes as over 50 mica affected children from Donegal are currently protesting at the gates of Leinster House.

Michael Martin says while Sinn Fein are banging the drum now, there wasn’t one mention of a Mica Redress Scheme in the party’s 2020 election manifesto.

There’s been a heated debate in the Dail this afternoon on the issue – over what form the scheme will take and if the Government will grant 100% redress.

Answering questions from SF Leader Mary Lou McDonald, the Taoiseach accused the party of recreating the narrative:

Responding, The SF Leader pressed Michael Martin for clarity on whether 100% redress will be granted:

The Taoiseach then accused Deputy McDonald of peddling fake news:

Listen to full exchange here:


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