6 out of 10 in Republic would vote for a United Ireland – Poll

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A new poll has revealed that 6 out of 10 people in the Republic would opt for a United Ireland if a vote was held today.

The Red C poll in the Business Post today has revealed that while 60 percent of people would like to see the 32 counties united, only 40 percent would be happy to pay more taxes to make it happen.

There would also be strong resistance to dropping the national anthem and flag according to the poll, with only 35 percent happy to change the anthem, with 27 percent would be ok about losing the tricolour.

The was division on the question of keeping the Northern Assembly in Belfast alongside the Dail in Dublin if there was a United Ireland – 45 percent  of those polled support the idea while 32 percent are against it.

The survey results also show that Sinn Fein voters are most likely to favour the concept but they are least likely to support compromise in terms of symbols, representation and membership.


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