Online council meeting “like asking teacher’s permission to go to the toilet”

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A Donegal County Councillor has hit out at the muting of Councillors during November’s full plenary meeting.

The meeting is being held online due to Covid-19 and a decision was taken to mute all councillors, allowing them to speak only upon indicating virtually.

Councillor Micheal Naughton voiced his frustration at the set up and called for a stop to today’s meeting and for it to be reconvened in person.

He told the meeting that it is a sad day for the county that Councillors have to be muted because a number of people he claims are dictating proceedings. He compared having to request to speak with asking a teacher for permission to go to the toilet.

Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Councillor Jack Murray says he shared the frustration of Councillor Naughton and that he doesn’t want to operate under such circumstances.


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