Surveying for National Broadband Plan expands in Donegal


A survey on Donegal households as it relates to broadband is said to be well underway.

National Broadband Ireland, the company rolling out the new high-speed fibre broadband network under the Government’s National Broadband Plan is conducting the surveys in several areas of the county.

In Donegal, there are over 32,000 premises in the Intervention Area, which includes homes, farms, commercial businesses and schools.

This equates to approximately a third of all premises in the county.

Under the National Broadband Plan, Donegal will see an investment of €128M in the new high speed fibre network.

In a statement, NBI say this will enable e-learning, remote monitoring of livestock or equipment, e-health initiatives, better energy efficiency in the home, and facilitate increased levels of remote working.

Crews are said to have made substantial progress in Donegal with a number of areas in and around Letterkenny surveyed.

These initial works pave the way for the next stage of the rollout.

All NBI contractors will also carry official ID cards and essential worker letters, and have received training on adhering to all Covid 19 guidelines. They will have vehicles, PPE, and signage with both their own, and NBI logos.


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