BREAKING: Council vote to take legal action against Cllr McBrearty

Donegal County Council has voted to take legal action against Cllr Frank McBrearty.

Members have voted to commence legal proceedings following allegations of alleged corruption made by Cllr McBrearty.

Chief Executive of Donegal County Council, John McLaughlin told today’s meeting that the council solicitors wrote to Cllr Frank McBrearty on July 12th.

He said the letter referenced several matters and sought a number of undertakings by 5pm today.

Mr McLaughlin said the proceedings were commencing due to “his wholly improper campaign of harassment and intimidation against members of the council and its administrative staff”.

Cllr McBrearty is not present at the meeting.

32 councillors voted for the legal action, while two councillors abstained from voting.

Cathaoirleach Cllr Liam Blaney said Disruptions had been ongoing for years but the situation has worsened in recent times.


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