Derry City and Strabane Council to debate loss of EU funding

Derry City Council is to debate a motion calling for the replacement of vital European funding lost as a result of Brexit.

The motion has been moved by Cllr John McGowan, who chairs the council’s Business and Culture Committee.

Sinn Fein Cllr John McGowan says the organisations in Derry which play a vital role in supporting communities should not have to pay the price of what he termed the ‘damaging and destructive Tory/DUP Brexit’.

He says a large number of groups and organisations throughout the district relied on funding previously provided by the EU through the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, and other similar funding streams.

Now, he says, those funds have been lost as a result of Brexit, and the British Government has completely failed to honour its promise to replace this funding.

He says the Shared Prosperity Fund which was created to achieve that leaves the North over £90m short of the £195m received through the EU.

That, he says, is potentially devastating for countless organisations that rely on this funding.

Wording of motion – 

Councillor McGowan to Move: That this Council commends the huge contribution of many organisations in this Council area which rely on support from the European Social Fund to maintain their services; recognises the uncertainty that these organisations now face as a result of Brexit and the ongoing failure of the British Government to provide adequate replacement funding; and calls on the Economy Minister to provide clarity over future arrangements and the British Treasury to replace the funding that has been lost. 



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