Residential vacancy rate in Donegal over double national average

The residential vacancy rate in Donegal is over double the national average.

According to figures contained in the latest GeoDirectory Residential Buildings Report, almost 10% of residential properties in the county are vacant.

Donegal has recorded a notably high residential vacancy rate of 9.7% as of June.

The county has the lowest occupancy rate in the country at 79.3% with holiday homes making up 11.1% of the housing stock.

11.9% of the national total of derelict address points are in Donegal.

Meanwhile, 666 residential buildings were under construction in the county last month with 707 new residential address points added to GeoDirectory in the past year.

There were 1,280 residential property transactions in the county, 9.6% of which were new dwellings. The average property price in Donegal is almost €163,000.

Preliminary Census results show a 4% increase in the population of Donegal.


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