Letterkenny food business closed for 12 days by the FSAI

A closure order was served on a Letterkenny food business last month after live rats were seen at the rear of the premises.

Bamboo Foods at the Station House Roundabout on was inspected on Friday July 15th.

A closure order was served to person in charge, Cindy Yee Look, after it was found that adequate protocols were not in place to control pests.

The inspection report detailed that live rats were spotted in the rear yard area of the premises, and fresh droppings were sighted within the food business.

The report said this led to a serious risk of food being contaminated, with pathogens and bacteria likely to render the food unfit for human consumption.

It was ruled that there was a lack of food safety monitoring in the food business at the critical control points which could lead to critical limits being exceeded and unsafe foods being produced and sold.

The order was lifted on Wednesday July 27th, and the business has reopened.

The inspector’s report can be accessed HERE


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