84% of LUH inpatients rate their experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’

The results of the 2022 National Inpatient Experience Survey have been launched today.

Nationally, 82% of patients rated their overall experience of hospital care as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, with a slightly higher figure, 84% recorded at Letterkenny University Hospital.

Of the 892 people admitted to Letterkenny University Hospital over the survey period and invited to participate, 401 took part, a response rate of 45%.

84% of people who were admitted to Letterkenny University Hospital said they had a good to very good overall experience, compared to 82% nationally.

‘Admissions’ and ‘care on the ward’ were the highest-rated stages of care, with the hospital scoring above the national average for questions on admissions.

Nationally, 29% waited less than six hours for admission, that figure was 30% in Letterkenny. The percentage of people who waited between six and 12 hours was 33% nationally and 43% in Letterkenny. The figures for waiting 12 to 24 hours were similar, at 24% nationally and 22.4% in Letterkenny.

Letterkenny saw fewer people waiting more than 24 hours, with 4.4% doing so locally compared to 14.4% nationally.

Other positive elements in Letterkenny included cleanliness, food, and privacy, while areas for improvement include more time with doctors and clearer explanations of diagnoses and treatment.

The Letterkenny report can be accessed HERE


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