Donegal Senator welcomes €3m Shared Island Civic Society Fund

A Shared Island Civic Society Fund has been launched by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Micheál Martin.

It’s designed to promote practical North South co-operation and engagement.

The scheme will provide 500,000 euro to cross-border projects in the first year of operation.

In its first three years, the Shared Island Civil Society Fund will enable organisations to work on a regional, national or sectoral cross-border basis on such issues including:

  • Climate and Environment

  • Community development

  • Heritage and conservation

  • Social Enterprise

  • Charity and Voluntary Sector

  • and Sport.

Senator Blaney said, “This very substantial funding under the Shared Island initiative will allow the space and resources to open conversations and dialogue between civil society groups across the island of Ireland.

“It’s imperative the Government continue to invest in Shared Island initiatives.

“As we move towards 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement it’s important we ramp up our commitment to working towards mutual understanding and community engagement across the Island of Ireland.”



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