Malin Head weather station records warmest summer on record

Malin Head weather station recorded its warmest summer on record this year.

A mean temperature of 15.1 degrees Celsius was recorded in Malin Head throughout June, July and August – the highest figure in 69 years.

Summer 2023 was the fifth warmest on record and the eighth wettest in Ireland.

Along with Knock Airport, Malin Head also had its warmest summer on record with a mean temperature of 15.1 degrees.

Over the past three months – Met Eireann says there was a dry spell in Malin Head lasting 27 days between May 21st and June 16th.

An analysis from Met Eireann revealed there were 527 hours of sunshine at Malin Head this summer. The highest number of daily sunshine hours this season was also recorded at the weather station with 16 hours recorded on Friday 9th and Thursday 15th June.

Monthly mean wind speeds at Malin were 14.4 knots.

Meanwhile, the number of days with gales ranged from zero at most stations to 2 days at Malin Head.

You can read the full report here