Further burst pipes increase pressure on water supply

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Water supplies throughout the County are said to be still under strain. Demand for water is above normal, due in part to taps being left running and also to increased leakage and bursts. Water Services Staff remain actively engaged in efforts to maintain and restore water supply.
A burst watermain in Fahan has caused interruption of supply to an extensive area of South Inishowen, from Fahan to Inch Ilsand, Burnfoot and Bridgend. The effects will exacerbate ongoing problems in the Muff / Quigley’s Point area. Repair works are ongoing to restore supply later today.
Areas still experiencing supply difficulties include Muff to Quigleys Point (particularly Iskaheen), Downings, Tieveclogher and localised pockets at high level in Gortahork / Falcarragh (Cashel) supply area and in the Haw area of Lifford. Efforts continue to respolve these supply problems.
Some reservoirs will be closed off on Saturday night in order to ensure supply availability for Sunday.
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