Omagh bombing retrial underway

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Lawyers for a man being retried on a conspiracy charge connected with the 1998 Omagh bombing have said the state’s description of the event is ‘infecting the case’.
Colm Murphy who is a native of Armagh with an address at Ravensdale in Louth denies conspiring to cause an explosion between August 13th and 16th, 1998.
In opening the state’s case senior council Tom O’Connell said one of the first police officers at the scene of the Omagh bombing on August 15th 1998 saw utter carnage.
Mr O’Connell said there was horrendous screaming and people were trapped under a car burning to death.
In all 29 people lost their lives – Mr O’Connell said over 300 others were injured and hundreds more traumatised.
Colm Murphy’s lawyer Michael O’Higgins objected to the state’s description of the event, saying it was infecting the case.
The 3 judge special criminal court however refused Michael O’Higgins’ request for the state to change the lanuage being used during the opening of the hearing.


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