Donegal man denies raping 15 year old

The trial has opened at the Central Criminal Court of a Donegal man accused of raping a 15-year-old girl two years ago.
The 23-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to rape, anal rape and defilement of the girl on a date in February 2008.
He cannot be named for legal reasons.
The now 17-year-old complainant told Mr Conor Devally SC, prosecuting, that on the night of the alleged incident she and two friends went to school grounds to drink vodka, which had earlier been bought for them by an older person.
She said they sat on a bench and she drank two cupfuls of vodka and coke. She said later that night a male arrived at the school in a car driven by the accused to meet one of her friends. She said they chatted and then the three girls got into the back seat of the car.
She said when the male passenger who had come to meet her friend got out of the car to chat, the accused asked her to get into the front seat and when the other male returned he got into the back seat with her two friends.
She said she shared a kiss with the accused in the front seat at one point during the evening.
The complainant said the male in the back then asked her friend to get out of the car with him and she was left alone with the accused. She said the accused drove on down the road for a time before stopping.
She said the accused jumped over to her side of the car and reclined the seat using the “nozzle” with one hand while keeping the other hand on her seat belt. She said he was rubbing her body and she called him a “weirdo” and told him to get off her.
She said he started to bite her neck and tried to kiss her but she put her head back. She said he then pulled down her tracksuit bottoms and she continued to try and push him away.
She claimed he then raped her, telling Mr Devally “it was pure agony” and later said it felt as if the alleged incident lasted for “years.”
She said afterwards he went back to his side of the car and she pulled up her trousers and “it was as if nothing had happened.”
She said they then drove back to where her friend and the other male were waiting and she estimated they had been away for about 15 or 20 minutes. She said the other two got back into the car and the accused drove them back into the town where she went into a hotel toilet and had a conversation with her friend.
She said she was “torn up and crying” and went to her cousin’s house with her friend.
She agreed that she had told her sister her allegations were “lies” and said this was because she was ashamed.