Republican movement used Donegal as “dumping ground” for sex offenders – Claim

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The Rape Crisis Centre in Belfast is accusing the Republican Movement of using Donegal as a “dumping ground” for sex offenders within its ranks. The claim is made by a spokesperson for the centre in today’s Donegal on Sunday.
Spokesperson Eileen Calder says one high profile republican, who allegedly raped a young child, subsequently became involved in youth work and political campaigning in Donegal long after the republican movement became aware of the allegations.
In another incident a victim claims the IRA facilitated the escape to Donegal of an IRA man who raped her and two other children.
Ms Calder says the rape crisis centre has every reason to believe that these were not isolated incidents, and finds it ironic that the movement which was dedicated to removing the border was in fact using it and using Donegal as a closet in which to bury its skeletons.


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