Councillors call for Donegal to get fair share of water funding

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There are calls for Donegal County Council to get its fair share of the 300 million euro announced this week by the environment minister for replacing water mains around the country.
Water issues were high on the agenda at this week’s meeting of Donegal County Council.
Councillor Core Harvey highlighted the plight of 25 homes in the Leitirbrick area of Glenfin which do not have a mains water supply while Councillor Gerry Crawford lobbied for improvements in the Lifford area.
Water supply issues in the East of the County came to the fore during recent cold snap however the cost of improving the supply to the Lifford / Porthall area alone would be at least 700 thousand euro
With that in mind Councillor Gerry Crawford says it is essential the government funding is sought:


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