Praise for University of Ulster’s partnership approach

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The campaign group University for Derry is welcoming what is says is a positive offer by the University of Ulster to enter into a partnership approach to the development and expansion of the Magee campus.
According to U4D, recent statements from the University of Ulster demonstrate a realisation of the need for co-operation with all interested bodies, including themselves and Ilex.
U4D’s chairperson Padraig Canavan says that working through Ilex, and with the support of Derry City Council and the city’s Strategy Board, they are very hopeful that a single set of proposals for the development of the Magee campus can now be envisioned.
He says the fact that this now has the full support of both the University of Ulster and all the representatives of the city is a very important step forward.
Mr Canavan says the prize being sought is the designation Derry as a University City with ten thousand plus students, which can lead to a thriving knowledge-based economy.
He says Magee is already a centre of excellence in several disciplines, and what can now be achieved with the University of Ulster, is to build on this further for the benefit of the City and the North West region.


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