Surge in value of Donegal court judgements

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It’s emerged that the Value of Court Judgments against companies in the Republic of Ireland for the recovery of unpaid debt increased by 54% last year.
In Donegal, the increase was even more stark, with the value of judgements in the last three months of the year almost trebling.
In the fourth quarter of last year, there were 22 court judgements totalling almost €611,000 handed down against companies in the three Ulster counties.
Of those, seven were handed down in Donegal, totalling just over €346,000. 10 judgements were handed down in Cavan and five in Monaghan.
The value of Donegal judgements in the fourth quarter of 2008 was almost €151,000, an increase of 130%.
In all, there were 43 judgements in Donegal during 2009, at a total value of almost €654,000.


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