Live Register figures continue to rise

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Latest Live Register figures for Donegal show the number signing on in the county is still well above 20,000. There were 21,473 on the register at the end of last month, 725 more than December and 4,717 more than January 2009.
The highest year on year increase were recorded in Letterkenny, with 1,375 signing on the register during 2009, a rise of 32%. A 32% jump was also recorded in Ballyshannon, with an extra 380 people signing on, while Donegal Town had 346 more, a rise of 29%
Dubgloe had an increase of 516, also up 29%.
In Buncrana, the increase was 1,066, up 27% on January last year. The rise in Ballybofey was 561, up 26%, the rise in Dunfanaghy was 316, up 24%, while in Killybegs, the rise was 157, up 14%.


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