INLA to confirm it has decommissioned its weapons

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The INLA is expected to confirm later today that it has decommissioned its weapons.
The republican paramilitary group is believed to have been responsible for 111 murders from its formation in 1975 until its ceasefire in 1998.
It was behind one of Northern Ireland’s worst atrocities when it killed 17 people in a bomb attack on the Droppin’ Well pub in Ballykelly inDerry, in 1982.
In February 2009, the INLA claimed responsibility for the murder of a man the group claimed was drug dealer in Derry.
Four months ago the INLA used a graveside oration outside Dublin to confirm its “armed struggle is over” and vowed to end its 35-year campaign of violence in Northern Ireland.
That is expected to be confirmed today.


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