Council seek clarification on Glenties wind farm

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Meanwhile Donegal County Council is awaiting further details on contentious plans for a wind farm near Glenties comprising of up to 35 turbines before deciding if the project can go ahead.
In total, 63 objections have been made against the proposed development, mainly on the grounds of its scale, visual impact, noise and other risks.
The turbines, each with a height of 80 metres and a blade diameter of 90 metres, would be located in a number of town lands in the Glenties area.
Altogether, 54 houses would be located within 2km of one or more of the turbines with the majority within 1km and 6 within 250 metres.
in a submission the Department of the Environment expressed concern that the proposed development could significantly damage or destroy the habitats of freshwater pearl mussel, Atlantic salmon and otter.
The council has sort clarifications on a number of issues stating it had concerns about noise levels and pollution.


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