Blaney claims councillors didn’t prioritise Fanad Road

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Some Donegal County Councillors have been accused of putting politics ahead of the development of Donegal.
Deputy Niall Blaney has launched a scathing attack on a number of Councillors particularly Noel McBride, Ian McGarvey and Mick Quinn.
He says it is odd that they have been critical of the condition of the approach road on the Fanad side of the Harry Blaney Bridge yet didn’t push for its inclusion on a council list of priority roads for funding.
Councillor Blaney says it smacks of anti government political point scoring.
However, Cllr. Noel McBride has described the comments as ‘untrue’ and ‘unhelpful’.
Responding to Deputy Blaney’s claims, Cllr. McBride said the council made an application for funding on 12th December, 2008, and the Department of Transport has not yet replied.


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