Pensioner acquitted of running a public bar in his garden shed

A pensioner prosecuted by a council who accused him of running a bar in his garden shed has been acquitted.
Donegal District Court heard that Chief Supt Terri McGinn, visited the shed and had no complaints people were being charged by 72-years-old Patsy Brogan at his home in the Bluestack Mountains.
Judge Kevin Kilrane said there was no evidence anybody was being charged money at the bar. He said the shed had been converted to look like a bar and lounge.
The judge also dismissed a second charge that Brogan had several unused cars, caravans and lorries outside his home which became known as “The Bog Hotel” near Frosses, Co. Donegal.
Both charges were brought by Donegal County Council under planning regulations.
Retired Sgt Tom Lyons told the court that he first visited the premises in 2003 when the shed was an ordinary building for bags and other debris.
When he revisited after being told it was run as a licensed premises Brogan told him that three people drinking there were working for him around the house.
Sgt Lyons said there was no evidence that any money changed hands.
He added that the chief supt for the county had investigated herself and he didn’t get any report that there was anything wrong.