Keaveney: Public perception is ferries aren’t operating

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Senator Cecilia Keaveney has written to Donegal County Council to ask for clarity in relation to the status of the Foyle and Swilly ferries.
She says the continual negativity about the Foyle ferry and the lack of an early decision for the Swilly one has had a lasting negative reaction from then to now
Senator Keaveney says that there is a lot reversing of last years negative campaign to overcome, claiming that particularly in the north there is a perception that the ferry is no longer operating.
She is calling for clarity and a positive marketing campaign for both Foyle and Swilly ferries and questions why there is no concerted effort to ‘sell’ the message that the Foyle ferry is operating at a very competitive rate
Council officials are now being urged to provide an update in relation to the status of both the Foyle and Swilly ferries urgently.
Senator keaveney says the ferries must be supported and marketted as ongoing concerns.


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