County manager ‘hopeful’ for future of Greencastle Harbour Project

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The County Manager says he is hopeful that work on the Greencastle Harbour Project will now be able to continue in the coming years after the council managed to raise money for its share of the funding.
Earlier this year the government said it was withdrawing from the project blaming Donegal County Council who had yet to contributing its agreed match funding.
However the council has now paid 45% of the close to one million euro it owes the government with the rest to be paid before the end of the year.
Funding has also been sourced to pay the council’s share should the government find the money to complete the project in full.
To date eight million euro has been spent constructing a breakwater in the harbour, the county manager says he is now hopeful the government will provide funding to complete the project:" title="Play" target="_blank" style="position: relative;">PlayPlay


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