Ash cloud continues to affect Donegal and Derry flights

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The Irish Aviation Authority has closed the country’s airspace until six o’clock this evening following a deterioration in the ash coverage over the country.
No commercial passenger flights, including North American traffic, will operate from any Irish airport or in Irish airspace during the period.
The IAA made the decision based on the latest forecast from the Volcanic Ash Centre in London which shows an increased risk to Ireland from the Icelandic volcanic plume.
This means all flights in and out of City of Derry and Donegal Airports have been grounded, with Ryanair cancelling all flights into and out of Ireland, as well as internal flights, until one pm on Monday.
However, the crisis could stretch beyond Monday, with holidaymakers from Ireland facing the prospect of being stranded in Europe until next week.
Strabane journalist, Conor Sharkey, was meant to return home from a holiday in Portugal yesterday afternoon, but he’s been told by Easyjet, it’s likely to be next Thursday before he’s home.


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