Customs VRT blitz yields results

Figures released by customs show that sixty-nine people driving Northern Ireland registered cars in Donegal have had their vehicles seized during a two day customs crackdown.
There was widespread anger during the operation with claims that many people travelling between Inishowen and Derry were delayed by up to three quarters of an hour as a result.
Tax and customs officials were operating checkpoints, most notably in Burnfoot, checking if people living in the Republic, had properly taxed cars.
On the 14th and 15th of this month a total of 1,060 vehicles were stopped.
69 vehicle were seized on the spot while a further 96 warnings were issued.
Irish Revenue has been unapologetic stating the rules were clear and the non-payment of tax would be vigorously pursued.
A statement released said that revenue maintains a focus on Vehicle Registration Tax offences throughout the year but at regular intervals customs undertake blitz style operations.
The statement states that these operations play a vital role in both the promotion of tax compliance through public visibility but also the detection of people who are not adhering to the law.


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