New policy on processing grants for disabled people and the elderly discussed

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Donegal County Council has had a heated discussion on the approval of a new policy on processing grants for disabled people and the elderly.
Last year, the council suspended the acceptance of new applications after it emerged the amount allocated had exceeded the budget available.
In October, the council began accepting applications again, with applicatants warned that they would be dealt with under the new policy, whenever it was agreed.
There are currently 147 such applicants on the books.
The most controversial of the policy changes is that applications for the elderly now be accepted only from persons over 66, as distinct from 60, as was previously the case.
The changes, which have already been accepted by the housing SPC, were accepted by the council. by a narrow majority.
Acting Housing Director Liam Ward says there is now 4.6 million euro available, and the priority is to help the largest amount of people


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