Deputy McDaid had by far lowerst attendance in Dail in 2009

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National news papers continue to draw a link between Donegal Deputy James McDaid’s lack of attendance in the Dail and his refusal so far to give up his ministerial pension.
A study by the Irish Independent today shows that Deputy McDaid had by far the worst Dail attendance record for 2009 despite being paid a basic salary of close on 100 thousand euro.
Deputy McDaid is one of only three Fianna Fail TD’s who have so far refused to give up their ministerial pension which is worth 22,000 euro per year.
He says he will not ‘bow to a which hunt’ but added he would adhere to the legislative process of the Dail if a motion was passed calling for the pensions to be taken away.
However national pressure continues to grow on McDaid with a number of newspapers today, and over the weekend, drawing a connection between the deputies pension decision and his attendance record in the Dail.
Meanwhile MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher has still to decide if he is to give up his ministerial pension, he indicated that a decision will be made this week.


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