Court hears rape accussed was warned away from bedrooms

A cousin of a 30-year-old woman who alleges she was raped in a house in Donegal three years ago said she warned the accused not to go near their bedrooms.
On day three of the trial, the 28-year-old woman gave evidence at the Central Criminal Court that she noticed a “man wearing a navy striped shirt” hanging around her cousin in the nightclub they went to in May 2007.
The man says he had consensual sex with the complainant three times, and has pleaded not guilty to raping and sexually assaulting her on May 20th, 2007.
The complainant’s cousin told prosecuting counsel Alexander Owens SC, that after leaving a nightclub, they went to a house party with three men.
She said when her cousin started vomiting in the kitchen, she asked the accused to phone a taxi for them.
She said the accused got into the passenger seat of the taxi and helped her bring her friend into the cottage in which they were staying.
The accused was on the couch in the kitchen, she said, and she made it clear to him not to go near their bedrooms.
She said she woke up around 9.30am the following morning and when she opened the door of the bedroom her cousin was in she said she got a shock as she could see a man on top of her cousin.
She said she asked him if he made any sexual advances to her cousin. He said he didn’t know if he did or not. Eventually he left the house when she told him to go.
The trial continues before Mr Justice John Edwards and a jury of nine men and three women.