Cross border report seek more support for children

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There’s been a call for more cross border cooperation to tackle the issue of domestic violence, and in particular, its impact on children.
In what’s been described as a unique partnership, the NSPCC in Belfast and the Donegal Women’s Domestic Violence Service have come together to publish a report which includes a number of recommendations.
Margaret Gallagher of the NSPCC says the two organisations decided to work together when they realised that while important informal work and contact is continuing, there is little or no official cross border protocol in place…………

Dr Marie Hainsworth is Chairperson of the Donegal service says one of the major problems is that while most support services operate during office hours, most problems occur at night and at weekends.
She says perhaps the biggest problem is the fact that international law may prevent them from relocating a child into emergency accomodation………….


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