65-year-old Donegal man to be sentenced on Monday for gross indecency

A 65-year-old man who was extradited from  Donegal will be sentenced on Monday after he admitted indecent assaults and committing gross indecency on his daughter and his niece.
The man who cannot be named for legal reasons appeared at Dery Crown Court where he admitted 19 charges of indecent assault and six charges of gross indecency against his dughter an niece
He also admitted assaulting his ex-wife on two different occasions.
The court heard that the assaults on his daughter began in the summer of 1978 when she was aged 12 an continued until she was aged 15.
They began when the girl’s mother got a job that entailed her working nights.
The assaults took various forms and Ms Jackie Orr QC for the Crown said they were a ‘regular and ongoing occurrence.’
The injured party told police that after they occurred she  felt ‘really horrible and shivered with fear and cold.’
The court heard that after each occurrence the man would apologise and say it would not happen again.
The assaults on his niece began when the girl was aged around 5 and continued until she was aged about 11. It was said that these assaults occurred when both parties were fully clothed.
Defence counsel Mr. Martin Rodgers said his client had admitted an ‘appalling’ crime.
He said that his client had not sought to challenge the account given by the injured parties and had not opposed his extradition from Donegal.