Increase recorded in those signing on in Donegal

Today’s announcement of new jobs in Burnfoot comes as a breakdown of live register figures for last month show that the number signing on in Donegal increased by 395 in a month.
However comparing May 2010 to May of last year the number increased by 2,347.
Last month there was 21,391 people signing on the live register in Donegal, that is an increase of 12% when compared to May of 2009.
All welfare offices across the county bar one recorded a month on month increase.
The biggest increase in those signing on was in Letterkenny – from April to May the figure increased by 3.5% bringing the total to 5,796.
Once again the number on the dole in Inishowen increased – up 80 to 4,978. There was also a notable increase in the Finn Valley, 70 extra people signed on last month, while in Ballyshannon the number increased by 43.
Elsewhere there were more modest increases – Killybegs went up by six, Dungloe 13, and Dunfanaghy four.
The only decrease  recorded was in Donegal Town where the number signing on for May was 1,359 – 15 people down from April.


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