Derry police in dialogue on Slievemore Park incident

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An SDLP deputation has met with senior PSNI officers, including Derry Commander Chris Yates to discuss last week’s attack in the Slievemore Park area of the city.
It comes after police refused to respond when called by a couple whose house was entered twice by armed men who threatened to shoot a man, The couple believe the men had entered the wrong house.
Today, Chief Superintendent Yates said some of the unusual aspects of this terrible incident suggested a risk that those responsible were trying to lure the police into a possible attack. He said a judgement call had been made, and the ongoing risk was typified when police came under sustained attack the following day as they tended to a fatal road collision.
Local MLA Mary Bradley says police and the family concerned are now in dialogue, and she’s ho[peful they can resolve the situation………..


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