Donegal woman had sex with man six years her senior when she was 13

A girl has told a court in Donegal that she had sex in a national school shelter with an older man when she was only 13 and still playing with Barbie dolls.
The girl, who is now 20, said she had full sex three times in three successive nights with the man who was 19.
The man, who is now 26-years-old, denied three sex assaults on the girl in September 2003 in south  Donegal.
Investigating Garda Liam Feeney told that during his inquiries he took possession of documents started by the girl, including a diary and a colour-coded list.
There were names of men she said she had sex with and there was a check-list so she could trace back names if she became pregnant. The defendant’s name was on the lists.
A statement to Gda Feeney was read in court in which the defendant said he believed the girl was 17 and she made the first move when she sat in his lap and started kissing him outside a hospital.
Earlier, Eileen O’Leary, prosecuting, told the jury that there was no suggestion that the defendant forced himself on the girl. Ms O’Leary also told the jury that the girl’s consent could not be a defence when she was under 15 years of age.
The hearing continues today.


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