Derry judge angered by video link failure

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Derry District Judge Mr. Barney McElholm has  threatened to order that every prisoner due to appear in court be brought there in person rather than use the video link system.
He was speaking after technical difficulties prevented Derry Magistrate’s Court linking up with Maghaberry Prison for weekly remand hearings.
The video link system is us enable prisoners in custody to appear without them having to be brought to the court.
Speaking after the link up broke down again Mr.McElholm said: “I am thinking of abandoning the video link system altogether in this jurisdiction and ordering that everyone due to appear be produced.
“The cost of doing that might force someone to sit up and take notice. “Unless I get guarantees that this will not happen again then I think I will abandon the video link altogether.”
The prisoners due to appear by video link were dealt with in their absence


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