Privacy calls for Donegal family caught up in passport probe

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The Department of Foreign Affairs has urged the media to respect the privacy of a Donegal family which has, through no fault of their own, been caught up in a case of fraudulent use of a passport.
Replacement passports have now been issued to Carndonagh man Eunan Gerard Doherty and his family.
In a statement, the department says it’s policy is to protect the privacy of passport applicants and citizens, and to do whatever is possible to ensure that their security and freedom of travel is maintained.
Documents filed as part of court proceedings in a recent highly publicised case in the United States contained an allegation concerning the fraudulent use of an Irish passport in the name of Eunan Gerard Doherty.  This allegation is currently being investigated by the Passport Service and the Garda Síochána.
The says Mr Doherty himself is entirely innocent of any involvement in the case in question, and the Passport Service has arranged for replacement passports to be issued to Mr. Doherty and his family.
Mr. Doherty and his family have been the subject of media attention in recent days.  The Department of Foreign Affairs would ask the media to respect the privacy of this innocent family who know nothing more about the case than is already in the public domain.


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