HSE coordinating counselling services in Inishowen

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A helpline has been established in Buncrana to help people in Inishowen come to terms with the enormity of the tragedy.
It’s being coordinated by the HSE, using structures put in place by the support group “Buncrana Community Combatting Suicide”.
The number of the line is 087 279 8412.
A support service is being offered at the Buncrana Youth Drop In Centre from this afternoon, and help is also being offered through the Community Centre in Clonmany.
Breda Friel of BCCS has been outlining what’s involved………

Fr John Walshe is Parish Priest of Buncrana, and will be officiating at two funerals on Thursday. He says he’ll be trying to impress on young people how fragile life is.
Speaking on today’s Shaun Doherty Show, he said he will be consulting with the families before finalising his sermons…..


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