More points needed for LYIT nursing and computing degrees

The Central Applications Office says it will be launching an investigation into why its website crashed earlier today.
It happened as thousands of students were awaiting their first round college offers.
The CAO believes it was caused by a malicious attack on its website which is now back up and running.
The points requirements for most college courses have increased in the first round of offers today, with a record number of college applications received this year.
There’s a strong demand for medicine and science subjects while points for construction and property courses have dropped.
Of the seven Level 8 Honours Degree Courses at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, all have seen their points requirements rise.
For General Nursing, the first round requirement this year is 405 points, up 25 on last year’s first round. For Psychiatric Nursing, 365 points are needed, up 15, while for Intellectual Disability Nursing, the 2010 first round requirement is 360, up 25.
There are also places available for maturwe bnursing students in all three disciplines, with points requirements between 177 and 170 points, but offers are not automatic, and depend on other criteria such as interviews. Meanwhile, 230 points are required for Applied Computing this year, 30 up on 2009.
Advice for students looking to enrol on one of the 31 Level 7 courses and other courses at the college will be available at a major open day in the IT on Wednesday of this week.


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