Church denies involvement in Claudy bomb cover-up

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The Catholic Church has denied it engaged in a cover-up to protect a priest suspected of involvement in the 1972 Claudy bombing, in which 9 people were killed.
The North’s police ombudsman’s report into the atrocity – says the RUC conspired with the British government and the Catholic church – to transfer Fr James Chesney.
Fr Chesney, who’s alleged to have been the IRA’s Director of Operations in South Derry – was subsequently transferred to a parish in Donegal, where he died in 1980.
In a statement, Cardinal Sean Brady said the Church accepts the Ombudsman’s findings, but denied that it was involved in a cover up.
The statement makes no reference to the priest’s transfer, and Cardinal Brady says if there was evidence to connect Fr Chesney to the bombing, he should have been arrested and questioned….


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