Accused man says he will make complaint against Senator O’Domhnail

A man who appeared in court in relation to injuries sustained to Senator Brian O’Domhnaill in a weekend incident in west Donegal says he is to make a counter complaint to gardai against the Senator.
In a statement released through his solicitor Jim Sharkey, a resident of New York, dismissed accusations that he was responsible for the injuries sustained by Mr O’Domhnaill.
Senator O’Domhnaill received eight stitches to a head wound after an incident involving two other men as he made his way home from a disco.
This week  42-year-old Jim Sharkey of Bayside, New York, appeared in Court charged with assault causing harm to Mr O Domhnaill and criminal damage to a Ford Transit bus belonging to Neil Gallagher on Sunday at Meenacuing.
He denies the charges.
In a statement through his solicitor Mr Sharkey said he feels that his impeccable character and reuputation had been tarnished.
He said a melee did take place as has been alleged but that he did not injure Senator O’Domhnaill stating he ‘had a major part to play’ in the nights events.
Mr Sharkey said that he and a friend had accepted a lift home from Senator O’Domhnaill and subsequently found themselves in an extremely threatening and intimidating situation.
He say he will strongly contest the charges and that a statement of complaint will be made against Senator O’Domhnaill.