Bloody Sunday families split on whether soldiers should be prosecuted

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An Oireachtas committee has been told that the families of the victims of Bloody Sunday are divided on whether or not prosecutions against soldiers involved in the killings of 13 people should happen.
Relatives of four of the victims appeared before the Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement this afternoon following the publication of the Saville Inquiry Report on June 15th.
One of the relatives, Tony Doherty, told the committee that the families are united in welcoming the vindication of all those killed and wounded, and they all believe that honours bestowed on members of the Parachute Regiment should be withdrawn.
However, he said on the issue of prosecutions, there are differing opinions:

Meanwhile, one of the relatives John Kelly, whos brother Michael was murdered on Bloody Sunday, says he strongly believes there should be prosecutions:


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