Enda kenny predicts spring election as Fianna Fail gather for two day “think in”

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Jobs, continued backbench questioning of the leadership of Brian Cowen, and a deteriorating relationship with the Greens look set to be centre stage in Fianna Fáil today and tomorrow.
The Parliamentary Party is gathering for its annual think-tank before the return of the Dáil at the end of the month. The timing of the By-Elections in Donegal South West, Dublin and Waterford will also be on the agenda.
However, the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny says he believes a general election will take place next spring Spring. Speaking at a national executive meeting in Donegal town at the weekend, Enda Kenny suggested the government will initially announce a Spring by-election in Donegal in light of the Sinn Fein legal case, but he believes a general election will take place instead.
Ballyshannon Cllr Barry O’Neill is the Donegal SW by-election candidate but, internal party polls are believed to have him in fourth place, behind Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and Labour.
However, the party’s sitting TD in the constituency Dinny McGinley denies any such poll has taken place.
He confirmed at the weekend he wants to run again, but says the ultimate decision will be taken by the party………..


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