6.5% drop in those signing on in Donegal

The number of those signing on the live register in Donegal from August to September fell by 1,467.
According to the figures today from the CSO, which show a county by county breakdown, there were 21,333 people signing in the county last month.
The 6.5% drop in the number of those signing on has been attributed by some to students returning to college and emigration.
The figures show that of those who stopped signing on in September 388 were under 25, but the majority, 989 were over 25.
Finding a job aside, this would indicate that the majority returning to education or leaving the county were over 25 years of age.
The biggest drop, in terms of numbers, was recorded in Dungloe at 8.3%,  –  there was a similar percentage reduction in Killybegs. The number now signing on in Letterkenny is 1,482 down just 84.
In Buncrana the figure is at 4,897 a drop of 281 while in the Finn Valley area there was a month on month drop of just short of 7% in those signing on.
Reductions of 7% and 4% were recorded in Donegal and Dunfanaghey respectively.


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