Deputies Blaney and McGinley among top expenses claimers

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Donegal Deputy Dinny McGinley made the top 3 in terms if TD’s expenses claims covering the period during which the Dail was in summer recess.
Figures published at the weekend show that Deputy McGinley claimed almost 21 thousand euro  – the third highest in the country.
Deputy Niall Blaney also topped 20 thousand euro mark placing him fifth amongst all TD’s.
Donegal Deputies tend to dominate the list of top earners as they face round trips 700km from their homes to the Dail in Dublin.
In total deputies were paid just over 2.3 million euro this despite the Dail rising on July 8th and returning on September the 29th.
The figures also show that despite there being no committee hearings in August as well as no Dail sittings, the 163 members of the lower house claimed €575,000 in expenses.


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