Inquest finds Letterkenny 8 year old died of an undiagnosed heart condition

A heartbroken father has told an inquest in Letterkenny how he found his young son floating in a French swimming pool after he left him for just two minutes.
John Brady had been holidaying with his wife and four sons in Frejus when the accident happened in May of this year.
The jury found in accordance with medical evidence that eight year old Jack Brady died of an undiagnosed cardiac arrythmia.
Eight year old  Jack,  from Solomon’s Court in Letterkenny was a keen young sportsman who played rugby, soccer and gaelic and had taken 30 swimming lessons.
Doctors at the Marseilles hospital where he was taken told his parents that very little water had been found in his lungs, and they suspected he may have suffered a cardia arrhythmia or an undiagnosed heart condition.
The doctors also advised Jack’s parents to have their other sons tested for possible cardiac arryhythmia.
When it became clear that Jack, a pupil at Ballyraine National School, was not going to recover, his parents requested he be flown back to Ireland to die.
The jury reached a unanimous verdict and found Jack Brady died as a result of cardiac arrhythmia.
Coroner John Cannon said the death of an infant was always a very tragic one, but it was particularly trying for the Brady family to relive their son’s death coming up to Christmas.
The jury also commended the Brady family for trying to save Jack’s life.