Local reaction to Budget 2011

One of the harshest budgets in living memory was outlined yesterday by the Finance Minister.
Brian Lenihan has unveiled tax increases, cuts in social welfare and bringing more workers into the tax net.
Six billion euro is to be taken in by way of 1.5 billion in new taxes and 4.5 billion in spending cuts.
But how has budget 2011 been welcomed by politicians locally?
Many of the measures announced by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan yesterday were expected, but, they still haven’t been welcomed locally
Donegal North East Fine Gael Deputy Joe McHugh says the budget lacks specifics, will not create jobs and lower and middle income earners will be hit the hardest……

Meanwhile, Education costs will increase across the board in primary, secondary and higher education.
Donegal County Councillor, Jimmy Hatre, says Budget 2011 has ended  the free education system in Ireland.

Fianna Fail Senator Brian O’Domhmaill is welcoming the cuts in payments to politicians.
And he says his budget represents a genuine attempt to spread the income tax burden more evenly and fairly, and it’s right that the lead be taken by the Taoiseach and his ministers.

But Sinn Feins Finance Spokesperson, Pearse Doherty said the cut to ministerial pay was a token gesture.
He said it didn’t go far enough, and he clashed with Tanaiste Mary Coughlan during his pitch to the Dail yesterday.

And in another swipe at the government, the Donegal South West Deputy said they were out of touch with reality……..