Termon man pays compensation in dog castration case

A man who castrated his neighbour’s dog after it tried to mate with his pedigree border collie has paid a total of €730 in compensation.
Eddie Flood from Termon used a lambing ring to cut the testicles off the dog after it pestered his own three dogs. The 43 year old claimed cross-terrier Rusty was allowed to roam freely and that he had been forced to remove the dog  from his house more than 20 times.
The ISPCC say anyone with concerns should report them, and  no one  has the right to take the law into their own hands.
Eddie Flood told Letterkenny District Court that after becoming sick of the dog, he put a rubber lambing ring on it – the kind which is normally used to cut the tails off lambs. Flood used a set of pliers to put on the ring and after a few days the dog was unwell and lethargic.
It was only then that it was noticed that the dog had lost its testicles.
The dog’s owner, Frank McGettigan, told a previous sitting of Letterkenny District Court that he was distraught when he discovered what had happened to his dog.
Mr.McGettigan told the court that he had been forced to give away the dog after the incident after spending more than €200 on vet fees for the injured dog.
Judge Denis McLoughlin directed the payment of compensation, and adjourned the case until April 11th.
Compensation of €500 went directly to the dog’s owner while a further €230 went to pay vet fees.


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