Real IRA to target Queen when she visits Ireland

A masked member of the Real IRA has warned that the Queen is wanted for ‘war crimes’ in Ireland and when she visits later this year they ‘will do our best to ensure she gets that message.’
The warning was delivered during an Easter commemoration march in Derry when a masked and uniformed colour party led several hundred people to the city cemetery.
A masked man then read the message from the Real IRA.
The masked member of the Real IRA said that young nationalists should ‘think again’ if they believe the PSNI was a reformed police force and said they were ‘serving the occupation and will be treated as such.’
Then in a ominous warning the masked man said the GAA, Catholic Church  and constitutional nationalism will be unable to protect those who turn traitor, and that they are as liable for execution as anyone else regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation.
The masked man also claimed that the PSNI were tyring to put civilians at risk in order to ‘discredit republicans.’
The Real IRA spokesman also denied that his organisation was in an negotiations with either the British or Irish governments although he added that if the British were serious about ‘discussing the restoration of Irish sovereignity’ they would listen to their proposals.’
The gathering was also addressed b Marian Price of the 32 Count Sovereignty Movement who said that republicans ‘take no delight’ in the killing of a policeman in Tyrone.
She went on to say that the trauma suffered by the policeman’s family was the same as the trauma suffered by victims of ‘British occupation.’
She also challenged Sinn Fein to respond to what she described as ‘our analysis’ which she said was given to Sinn Fein in 2005.