Auctioneer given 80 hours community service for brutal assault

An auctioneer has been ordered to do 80 hours community service and pay 500 euro compensation after he beat up a man who accused him of bringing down the hammer on an auction too quickly.
Declan Robinson beat up Paul Hegarty after a row about an auction at a mart in Co Donegal last year.
28-year-old Robinson of Larganreagh, Downings, met Paul Hegarty on a night out some days after the incident at Bonagee Mart in April 2010.
On the night in question, Paul Hegarty approached Declan Robinson, and a row ensued.
CCTV footage later showed how Robinson had struck Mr Hegarty up to 40 times including giving him a number of kicks to the head. He had a swollen skull, two black eyes, a broken tooth and a number of lacerations to the face.
Solicitor for the accused Ms Carrie Hegarty said the attack was as a result of an earlier altercation at Bonagee Mart, in which Mr.Hegarty had accused Declan Robinson of bringing down the auctioneer’s hammer on the sale of three sheep – before he could bid on them.
She also revealed how the hammer had been snatched out of Robinson’s hand during another auction.
She said that shortly after the incident, the father-of-one had left Bonagee Mart where he had been employed, and was now jobless.
Judge Kelly said he appreciated that Mr Hegarty was still suffering as a result of the attack, and ordered that 500 euro in compensation to be paid to him. He then applied the order of 80 hours community service in lieu of four months in prison.